Library Card

Library Card

Information about obtaining and using a library card.

Learn more about our NEW Digital Access Only library card information below.

You must have a library card to check out items.

Both residents and non-residents of Mechanicsville, Iowa are eligible for a library card without charge.  

Each borrower is responsible for items checked out on his/her number or name.  Parents are responsible for items lost or damaged by their children.

Library Card Requirements

  • Library cards are issued immediately if photo identification and proof of current residential address at the time of application. If using a PO Box, proof of that address is also required. Mail may be used as proof of address if it has been postmarked within two weeks of the current date.
  • Parental signature is required for persons under age 14. Responsibility for a child’s selection and return of materials and any fines or charges accrued on the child’s card is held by the parent or guardian of the child.
  • Older children (age 14 and up) not accompanied by a parent need to have a photo identification (like that issued for school or for drivers permit/license) and address verification as listed above. Mail recently sent to the teen is acceptable.

New Patron Check-out Limit

  • New patrons are allowed to check out 2 items at a time for the first 2 months that they have a library card.  

Expired Library Cards

  • Library cards expire after one year.  Upon the one year anniversary the account will require a standard renewal that will be updated for another year. 
  • Patrons who have not used the library (have not had their account renewed) for three years will remain in our system but will not be counted toward our overall patron count.  

Digital Access Only Library Card

You can now sign up online for a Digital Access Only Library Card!  You'll have access to e-books and other electronic recources without having to come to the library.  By signing up for a Digital Access Only library card from the Mechanicsville Public Library, you are stating that you reside in either the city limits of Mechanicsville, Iowa or rural Cedar County (not in the city limits of another town).  If you would like to receive a physical library card so you can check out materials inside the library building, please stop by the library with a current photo ID/driver's license.

Sign up now for a Digital Access Only Library Card.