Kanopy has over 30,000 videos available FOR FREE with your Mechanicsville Public Library Card.  You can also access The Great Courses and over 1500 of the best children’s programming available today. 

All in an effort to support one of our library’s goals:  Life Long Learning.

Kanopy is Thoughtful Entertainment:

Kanopy partners with top film distributors such as A24, The Criterion Collection, Greenwich Entertainment, Kino Lorber and many more to provide a carefully curated collection of thousands of films and documentaries ranging from film festival winners and nominees, indie cinema, timely documentaries, classics, and beyond.

Through Kanopy, our library offers access to the largest collection of foreign and documentary films available through video on demand.

How It Works:

You start with 10 play credits a month.  Each time you play a film your account will automatically be deducted a play credit.  (With exception to sequential series, like The Great Courses and Kanopy Kids.)

Pressing play on a film unlocks unlimited access to the selection for 72 hours.

For sequential series, like The Great Courses, once you play a title from any Great Courses series the entire course is unblocked and you have a rolling 30 days to finish the course.  No play credits are used. 

Similarly, for Kanopy Kids any play will allow unlimited access to all the content available in Kanopy Kids.  No play credits are used.

Get Started:

Go to https://mechanicsville.kanopy.com/ and click on “Add a library card.”

Use the same information you use to log in to any of our online resources.
Then create an account for Kanopy using your own email address.
Start watching!
There are apps for iOS, Android, and Roku. 
In Kanopy Kids Parents can set up custom PINs required to exit Kids mode, allowing kids the freedom to browse behind the gates of a child-friendly interface.