Library Board

Library Board

The Mechanicsville Public Library Board of Trustees are appointed for three year terms by the Mayor with approval of the City Council.

Board Meetings

The Mechanicsville Public Library Board of Trustees meets at the library the first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.  Board meetings are open to the public.

Library Board of Trustees

Brianna Sauer | President
James Tutton | Vice President
Patti Doser | Secretary
Adam Eby
Christine Weber
Jay Hartman  
Christa Troughton  (Christa to fill open seat - August 2021)

Public library boards have five primary roles:

  1. Advocate for the library in the community and advocate for the community as a member of the library board.  
  2. Plan for the future of the library.  Planning is one of the most important trusts that the community gives to the library board. 
  3. Monitor and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the library.  The community puts its trust in the library board to make sure the library is operating the way it should. 
  4. Set library policies.  The library boards spends much of its time on policy issues - developing policies and monitoring the effectiveness of those policies. 
  5. Hire and evaluate the library director.  The board hires a qualified director to manage the day-to-day operations of the library and works with the director, carefully respecting each other’s roles.