Faxing Service

Faxing Service

The library has a fax machine available to the public.


Fax Service

A fax machine is available at the libraryfor public use.  The staff will be responsible for operating the fax machine.  Cover sheets are available at the library’s circulation desk at no additional costs and are not included in the faxing fees.

Faxing Fee Schedule

  • Local & Long Distance Outgoing - $1.00 for the first page sent and 50¢ for each additional page. 
  • International Outgoing - $2.00 for the first page sent and 75¢ for each additional page.
  • 1-800 Outgoing numbers will be charged a flat fee of $1.00
  • Incoming Faxes – First three (3) pages are no charge, additional pages are 10¢ each.
  • Any pages that need to be copied to go through the fax machine will be charged at the current printing costs.
  • Patrons must pay for fax calls at the time they are made.  No provision is made for billing these calls.

The fax number for the library is 563-432-7135.

To send a fax, please ask a staff member.
If you are anticipating a fax to be sent, please notify sender that it may take a few tries, as a staff member needs to be aware of the incoming fax.