Posting Notices at the Library

Details about posting notices at the library.

Posting Notices in the Library

As a public service, the library provides limited spaces for the distribution of leaflets and other printed material not generated by the library itself, the posting of announcements of meetings and community/school cultural or sporting events and the display of materials or collections. The spaces described in this policy are limited to individuals or nonprofit organizations located within Cedar or neighboring counties. 

Materials which constitute advertising for a business will not be accepted for any of the spaces. 

Permission to post or display items in the library does not imply the Mechanicsville Public Library’s endorsement.  

Leaflet Distribution: The library accepts informational leaflets for distribution to the public. Leaflets must be left at the Circulation Desk and will be placed in distribution by library staff.  The library shall remove and discard out of date materials.  

Community Announcements/Events: The front window of the library is used for posting of community meeting announcements and community/school cultural or sporting events.  No garage, personal property or other sale signs, services- such as baby sitting for which fees are charged, or signs soliciting donations will be posted. Persons wanting a sign posted should bring it to the Circulation Desk and leave it for the library staff to post. The Library shall remove all outdated signs, any sign found to be posted in violation of the procedure outlined herein, and any sign not in compliance with the above. The library cannot accept responsibility for returning notices and posters to their owners.